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Our Mission

To protect the sustainability of the Pacific halibut resource, ensure fair and equitable allocation of the halibut resource among all sectors, and promote rational management of the halibut fishery.

Current Issues (8/23/18):

RQE. At the December 8, 2016 meeting the Council took final action and adopted the Recreational Quota Entity (RQE). The RQE allows charter interests to purchase a limited amount of commercial quota share in area 2A/3A. The program can be implemented once the FINAL RULE is published by NMFS; draft final rule is at NOAA HQ.

Magnuson Stevens Act Reauthorization. H.R. 200 has passed the House on July 11. Awaiting introduction of a Senate version by Senator Dan Sullivan.

NPFMC Allocation Review. The NPFMC is scheduled to review the allocation between the longline and charter sectors for areas 2C/3A in 2021.

Annual renewal of charter halibut permits
. Draft rule is in early stages. Earliest implementation is 2020.

Halibut rental boats
. A discussion paper is due for presentation at the October Council meeting.

2019 Halibut Charter Management Measures
are scheduled for final action at the December Council meeting.  

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2011 Charter Operators vs Locke (Halibut Charter Limited Entry)

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